Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wrist action

I get many inquiries regarding wrist action.  In the numerous books and videos that I have scrutinized over the years golf instruction is all over the place when it comes to what to do with your wrists.  I would say nearly everyone who first comes to me for instruction has this all important move completely backwards.  Hogan once said if you disregard your natural inclination of what to do to swing a club and do just the opposite you would be well on your way to a great golf swing.  Most amateurs cock their wrist the opposite way that they should be by picking the club up on the back swing in an effort to get the club to parallel.  They flail away at the driving range hammering balls all over the park with no idea why they can't hit the ball with any accuracy or power.  When I worked with John Schlee the very first thing he asked me to do was show him my impact position.  Of course I had no clue what that was and he guided me into the position.  I started my swing from that position holding my wrist position solid from start to finish.  I hit the ball pure and straight.  This was the exact starting point John had when he started working with Hogan.  Hogan felt that if you knew what you were supposed to feel like at impact your "muscle memory" would find its way back to that position.  He was right.  So what about wrist action?  I would say find that impact position feel with your left wrist bowed out to the target and your right wrist bent backwards.  Get your hands in that position right from the start of your back swing and hold them there through impact.  You'll find that you will no longer be throwing the club at that ball and you'll have to use your body, as you should, to apply the power.

My Video, On Target Power 

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