Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hitting "around" a firm left side

I have read hundreds of golf instruction books dating back from the mid 1800s to the present. Heck, I've written two myself. My video library, I'll stack it up against any one out there. I have tried every conceivable swing method and I am open to any new ideas that come down the pike.

In the 60s through the 90s players swung to the famous reverse "C" position. This made more doctors and chiropractors happy than you can shake a stick at I'm sure. The purpose of that move was to increase centripetal force in hopes of adding power. If timed right you could hit the ball a long way. The down side was if you were the least bit late you hit a wild slice or push. If you flipped your hands in hopes of saving the shot it only made things worse.

I posted earlier about Ben Hogan's "turning point" as it was taught to me by John Schlee. You have to make a lateral move to get your tailbone over your left heel. If you imagine yourself as a door and the hinge runs from your left heel up your spine you just turn your body around that hinge right on through the ball. Couple this along with Hogan's hand action which he stumbled upon you'll be amazed as he was that day he found his "secret".

Hit 'em straight!


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