Monday, November 30, 2009

The Secret

Someone asked me why I teach this swing.  I found this the simplest way to hit a ball after my stroke.  I knew what Schlee had showed me regarding the wrist position at impact.  When John first went to see Hogan the first thing Hogan asked him was "Show me your impact position."  Hogan knew precisely how he needed to feel at impact.  He would always try to hit that exact feel through his body at impact.  He would pose impact to burn it into his memory which is where he came up with the concept of muscle memory.  John used to wrap his hands in duct tape having them in the impact position.  He'd sleep that way trying to ingrain it.  He even made a device to put on the back of his right hand to hold it in the impact position.  When he was hurting for money he sold his device to Greg Norman who later sold it as Greg Norman's Secret.  I'm sure you've seen it.

Now that you can hit the ball straight you can try working the ball.  If you've ever played ping pong you should know how to put side spin on a ping pong ball.  A golf club works the exact same way.  Get that feel for moving the clubface just as you would a ping pong paddle and you're on your way.  I step up to a shot and always ask myself, "How do you want to spin this one?"  I make a decision and let my body and subconscious do the rest.  So try that long handled ping pong paddle you call a golf club and start having some fun.  Take care.

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