Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ben Hogan and "I wish I had three right hands!"

Ben Hogan stated in Five Lessons he wished he had three right hands.  Unless you know HOW to apply your right hand properly you most likely have experienced much frustration hitting fat shots, thin shots, slices and pulls.  All the while you keep hearing that haunting "I wish I had three right hands!"  Not to worry.  If you've had these problems and more there is a solution! 

You have to learn the proper use of your hands.  The right hand stays extended through impact.  I am willing to wager that you have been "flapping" your right hand through impact hoping to create three right hands.  What I mean by flapping is the extension and flexing of your right hand.  Hold your right hand out in front of you with your thumb pointed up and bend your wrist left (flex) and right (extension).  That's flapping.  Hogan had the right wrist extension through impact. He also had the left hand flex or what you would call the bowed left wrist at impact.  So how do you apply "three right hands" without flapping and maintaining the bowed left wrist at impact?  Here's the trick or secret.  Get a hand towel and take it and set in on your table.  With your right palm on top of the towel start wiping the table by twisting your forearm back and forth.  Notice that you still have the wrinkles in the back of your hand and wrist as you wipe.  That right to left motion is how your hand must work through impact.  Now curl your fingers under as if you were gripping a club.  Your index finger and the first pad nearest your palm is where Hogan said he felt pressure pressing forward.  Now try the same motion now with the back of your left hand on top of the towel and wipe left and right.  That is the motion you want to have with your hands through impact.  Couple this with 4 to 10 hitting UP on the ball.  You'll soon realize that you can pour on the three right hands as hard as you like.  The next issue is simply timing.  We'll talk about the race between your thumbs and pinkies in an upcoming post.

Hit 'em straight!


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Mike Zimmerman said...

Hi, Mike
I keep hearing this Hogan quote about three right hands, but have been having trouble tracking down the source. I can't find it in Five Lessons. Can you help? Thanks!
Mike Zimmerman