Monday, March 26, 2012

My Montessori influence

We shot the new dvd at my home course, Blossom Trails in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  I had no intention of doing another video after writing my book, The Secret to a Great Golf Swing and the dvd On Target Power.  I had thought I had covered just about everything regarding what John Schlee had taught me and all of the adaptations I introduced to simplify everything.  I have learned from teaching that not everyone internalizes information in the same manner.  What works for many may not make the least amount sense to someone else. The new video is a lesson like you have never seen before.  I was a trial lawyer for 20+ years and learned in the courtroom that I had to get my points across to the jury.  Each member of that jury had their own way of learning and it was up to me to find out just what I need to do or say to reach each on of them.  The student in Pure Force Golf is not a beginner by any means.  He came to me with many preconceived ideas about the golf swing and how it worked.  He was to say the least skeptical of what I was teaching.  Rather than argue I broke everything down to simple understandable terms and motions that were easy to understand.  I started out telling him about Schlee and what he taught me.  Then about all I had been through to uncover the physics that were at work in a simple yet forceful golf swing.  I went from the simple to the complex all along the way making certain that he understood what I was telling him.

Many years ago I owned a Montessori school in Santa Monica.  Those 11 years had taught me something about how to present information.  As with the Montessori method everything starts simple with each step mastered before proceeding to the next.  What I have done in Pure Force, without realizing it at the time, was using that same approach.  I am sure you will learn a just how the golf swing was meant to work in its most simple and efficient way.  I welcome you to bring your questions and comments here to this blog.

Our long awaited new DVD, "Pure Force Golf" is now available!  PURE FORCE GOLF