Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bubba Watson - centripetal force

Effortless power in a golf swing

If you have a rock on the end of a string you know when you twirl it there is a tug on the string. The rock's inertia is linear which you can find out easily if you let go of the string. The pull you feel when you twirl the rock is centripetal force. Centrifugal force is not really a force but the product of the linear inertia of the rock and the pulling force (centripetal). Parametric acceleration is the increase in the pulling force. The faster the more centripetal force thereby increasing the moment of inertia (more rock speed). The pulling actually works similar to shortening the radius of the swing which is another way of increasing the moment of inertia. This stuff is simple. There is no throwing, Conservation of angular momentum kicks in because of the angle created between the arms and the club shaft. With the wrists set properly through the hitting area (Hogan's bloody secret!@!) as the hands reach the bottom of the swing they are slowing down and the club head's inertia is multiplied via COAM. As the hands get closer to your body your body will turn faster on its own, just like the skater. That helps whip the club through. If you think you can help that by trying to throw with your right hand you are wrong. Physics tells us all that will do is slow things down and wreck the timing. Pouring on the power is coordination not effort (work). The golf ball doesn't know any of this and you don't need to either. Easy game.