Monday, April 6, 2009


I'd have say that Fred Couples has the best tempo of any pro golfer I've had the pleasure of watching. He uses Mother Nature better than anyone. He takes the club back outside raising his arms up high over his right shoulder and simply lets his arms drop in behind his right hip letting the club head fly from the inside out up to a relaxed effortlessly looking finish.

I met Fred's mom back in '92 after he had won the Masters along with Jim Nantz' dad. We had been following Fred at the Shark Shootout and had a wonderful day. I remember asking Fred's mom how proud she must be to have such a good looking and talented young man for a son. She smiled and said, "Oh, he's a dead-ringer for his father." We parted company and later after the round was finished I ran into her again at the practice tee. Fred had just finished hitting balls and told his mom to "Get dad, let's get something to eat." She went over to a group who had been watching Butch Harmon putting on a trick shot show. She came back with dad in tow and I was pleased to see that Fred was a "dead-ringer" for his dad. I told Fred's mom and she shook her head "No" and said "Oh he's not his father. This is his step father!" I was shocked and then she grabbed me and laughed. "I was kidding!!" She smiled and the were off to dinner. It wasn't too long after that Mrs. Couples passed away. She was a genuine class act with a great sense of humor.